Lagna Mubarak Movie Star Cast | Prarthana Behere | Sanjay Jadhav

"Lagna Mubarak (लग्न मुबारक)" is an upcoming movie starring Prarthana Behere, Sanskruti Balgude and Sidhhant Mule in lead role, from this movie Ace director "Sanjay Jadhav" is making his acting debut. the film has been written by Sagar Pathak and Akshay Kardak, directed by Sagar Pathak.

The movie will be releasing in cinema theater on releasing on 11th may 2018.
Lagna Mubarak Movie - 2018
Movie : Lagna Mubarak - 2018 | लग्न मुबारक
Star Cast :
  • Prarthana Behere
  • Sanskruti Balgude
  • Sidhhant Mule
  • Sanjay Jadhav

Story/Written by : Sagar Pathak, Akshay Kardak
Screenplay :
Dialogues :
Cinematographer/DOP : Bhushan Wani
Lyrics :
Singers :
Music Director : Sai- Piyush
Co-Producer : Ajinkya Jadhav, Suraj Chavan, Gauri Pathak
Producer : Abhay Pathak, Gauri Pathak
Studio : Aarav Production, Pathak Productions
Director : Sagar Pathak
Release Date : 11 May 2018
Genre :

Synopsis :

A young couple finds solace in each other while facing hardships in the journey of love, eventually embracing the feeling of ultimate companionship.

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