Killa Movie Star Cast

"Killa" movie is a story of a boy who is coping with the death of his father. Lead charachter in the film is played by "Archit Deodhar" as "Chinmay " along with "Amruta Subhash ", "Parth Bhalerao" as "Bandya" whom we have seen in "Bhoothnath Returns", Avinash Arun is director and Cinematographer of the flim.

Killa (2015) Movie Star Cast

Movie: Killa (2015)

Star Cast:
  • Archit Deodhar as Chinmay
  • Parth Bhalerao as Bandya
  • Gaurish Gawade as Yuvraj
  • Atharva Upasni as Omkar
  • Amruta Subhash as Chinmay's Mother
  • Atharva Upasni as Omkar
  • Swandand Raikar as Umesh
  • Shrikant Yadav as Mr.Nivte
  • Umesh Jagtap as Fisherman
  • Shivalati Bokil as Damle Aaji
  • Jui Kahate as Swarali
  • Devendra Gaikwad as Yewale
  • Bala Kadam as Gawandkar
  • Makrand Saptarishi as Tehsildar
  • Savita Prabhune as Mrs.Nivte
  • Roma Devadhar as Mrs.Nivte's Daughter
  • Anjali Dharu as Class Teacher
  • Suhas Sirsat as Maths Teacher

Story: Tushaar Paranjape

Dialogue: Upendra Sindhaye

Screenplay: Tushaar Paranjape

Cinematorapher/Cinematography/DOP: Avinash Arun

Director: Avinash Arun

  • Madhukar R Musle
  • Ajay G. Rai
  • Alan McAlex

Release Date: 26 June 2015

Genre: Drama

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