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"अमलताश - Amaltash" is a Marathi film stars singer turned actor Rahul Deshpande, Pallavi Paranjape, Deepti Mate, Trisha Kunte, Pratibha Padhye and Bhushan Marathe in lead role, story of the film is written, edited and directed by debutant director Suhas Desale, movie has been prodcued by Medium Strong Production, Darshan Productions Pvt. Ltd. and One Fine Day Pvt. Ltd. and presented by Mugdha Shrikant Desai and Jitendra Joshi

Amaltash the film is all set to release in cinema theater on 8th March 2024

Amaltash Movie Cast and Crew Credit

Movie Title: Amaltash | अमलताश (2024)

Star Cast:
  • Rahul Deshpande as Rahul Watve
  • Pallavi Paranjape as Keerti Potdar
  • Deepti Mate as Deepti
  • Trisha Kunte as Dimple
  • Pratibha Padhye as Ajju
  • Bhushan Marathe as Pawan
  • Bhushan Mate as Lic
  • Jacob Panicker as Oak
  • Sudhir Phatak as Dr. Deshmukh
  • Omkar Thatte as Admin
  • Anil Khopkar as Ramesh
  • Sunil Juneja as Old man with cigarette
  • Abhay Kanvinde as Premi / Guy on phone
  • Sagar Karpe as Barkya
  • Raghunandan Kulkarni as Amol
  • Swapnil Patil as Anaesthetist
  • Mayuresh Wagh as Ganu (Driver)
  • Sandhya Bade as Assistant Doctor

Story: Suhas Desale

Screenplay by:
  • Mayuresh Wagh
  • Suhas Desale

  • Shanta Shelke (Saarale Saare)
  • Mayuresh Wagh
  • Pallavi Paranjape (You Liberate Me)

  • Rahul Deshpande
  • Deepti Mate
  • Pallavi Paranjape

Music Director:
  • Bhushan Mate
  • Johann Matthew

Cinematography by:
  • Rushikesh Tambe
  • Bhushan Mate

Background Music Composer: Amol Dhadphale

Editor: Suhas Desale

Costume Design:
  • Mausami Shaikh
  • Kalyani Kulkarni-Gugle

Makeup: Ruchi Rupramka

Editor: Suhas Desale

Assistant Director: Noopur Bora

Executive Producer: Ranjit Gugle

Visusal Effects by: Swapnil Kulkarni

Production Design:
  • Mangesh Bhayde
  • Rushikesh Tambe

Producer: Suhas Desale

  • Medium Strong Production
  • Darshan Productions Pvt. Ltd.
  • One Fine Day Pvt Ltd

Presented by:
  • Mugdha Shrikant Desai
  • Jitendra Joshi

Director: Suhas Desale

Release Date: 8 March 2024

Genre: Family Drama

Music Label: OnClick Music

Synopsis: The film Amaltash is about Rahul Deshpande, a musician who works in a showroom selling and looking after musical instruments. Rahul's life changes when he meets a girl who shares his passion for music. The plot focuses on whether Rahul will find his life's rhythm through this girl and her music.

Amaltash Movie Trailer

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