Singer Nagesh Morvekar as Janvhi father in Bayko Ashi Havvi | Colors Marathi

Singer Nagesh Morvekar to play as Janvhi father for Colors Maathi serial Bayko Ashi Havvi.

Nagesh Morvekar who has sung many foot tapping song will be debuting as an actor from serial Bayko Ashi Havvi. he will be seen in as Garui Deshpande's father role.

Nagesh Morvekar has sung and performed on many song such as Dolbywalya from Ajay-Atuls movie Jaundya Na Balasaheb, I Want Turmeric for movie Satarcha Salman, Armutya. He has also sung title song of Zee Marathi serial Gav Gata Gajali and very superhit song Kathi Ani Ghongad.