Taleem 2 Upcoming Marathi Film Poster Unveiled | Nitin Rokade

Recently Nitin Rokade's Upcoming Marathi Film "Taleem 2 (तालीम 2)" poster was released on social media.
Karunavi Creators production and famous editor turned writer, director Nitin Rokade recently released there upcoming movie "Taleem 2" poster on social media. In first installment "Taleem" Nitin showed Kushti on silver screen while the next Taleem 2 is about competition for gold medal winning for country.

The story of Taleem 2 is written by Nitin Rokade who also wrote screenplay along with Sandip Kumar Roy and Madhulita Das, dialogues for the film is written by Jay Atre and Dr. Arun Mirajkar, cinematography by Farooque Khan, music by Praful-Swapnil, sound design by B. R. Naveen Kumar, choreography by Ranju Varghese, art direction by Sudhir Tarkar. Sadashiv Chavhan is production controller and Pratik Bagde is assistant director.

Taleem 2 stars Abhieet Shwetchandra, Deeksha S., Prashant Mohite, Arjun Kusumbe, Mahesh Patil and Vishnu Joshilkar.