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"Redu (रेडू)" movie releasing on 18th May 2018, is directed by first time movie director "Sagar Vanjari", It is a story of middle age man who fall in love with radio played by "Shashank Shende", the film has been produced by Navalkishor Sarda and Vidhi Kasliwal under the banner Landmarc Films, Naval Films Production and Blink Motion Pictures Pvt Ltd.
Redu Movie
Redu Movie Cast and Crew Credit

Movie : Redu (2018) | रेडू

Star Cast :
  • Shashank Shende as Tatu
  • Chhaya Kadam as Chhaya
  • Gauri Konge as Suman
  • Vinamra Bhabal as Baban (Sadu)
  • Mrunmayi Arun Supal as Saru

Story : Sanjay Navgire

Screenplay : Sanjay Navgire

Dialogue : Sanjay Navgire

Cinematography (DOP) : Mangesh Gadekar

Lyrics :
  • Guru Thakur
  • Vijay Narayan Gavande

Singer : Ajay Gogawale

Music Director : Vijay Narayan Gavande

Background Score : Vijay Narayan Gavande

Sound Design : Piyush Shah

Art Director : Nilesh Gorkshe

Associate Art Director : Pooja Gaonkar

Costume : Pournima Oak

Make-up Designer : Shrikant Desai

Assistant Makeup Artist : Madan Gaikwad

Hair Stylist Tejashree Karande

First Assistant Camera : Girish Jambhlikar

Editor : Sagar Chhaya Vanjari

Associate Director : Shruti Pradeepkishor

Executive Producer : Neha Gupta and Rupesh Jadhav

Project Manager : Bibhishan Gholap

Executive in Charge of Production : Rupesh Jadhav

Production Manager : Rohan Patil and Rakesh Raorane

Third Assistant Director : Sameer Prabhumirashi

Second Assistant Director : Sagar Shete

First Assistant Director : Sneha Sonawane

On-line Editor : Shalab Badhe

Assistant Editor : Akshay Chavan

Associate Editor/Assistant Editor : Rohan Patil

Location Manager : Rohan Parkar

DI : Prasad Film Labs (Mumbai) Pvt Ltd

VFX : Amin A. Kazi

Malvani Adaptation : Chinmay Patankar

Marketing Consultant : Niranjan Vidyasagar

Visual Promotion : Mohasin Kazi and Somnath Chavan

Publicity Design : Vizual Junkies

Producer :
  • Navalkishor Sarda
  • Vidhi Kasliwal

Director : Sagar Chhaya Vanjari

Studio :
  • Landmarc Films
  • Naval Films Production
  • Blink Motion Pictures Pvt Ltd

Genre : Drama

Release Date : 18th May 2018


Set in the backdrop of the mid-1970, Redu is the story of a short-tempered, middle-aged man named Tatu from a small village in Konkan, who is fascinated and curious to see a portable transistor for the first time in his life. The simple gadget fills his otherwise very boring and mundane life with excitement and soon Tatu becomes very attached to his cherished possession. All goes well until suddenly Tatu loses his transistor, disheartened and dejected, he embarks on a quest to find it back.

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