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Hampi Movie Teaser

Recenlty "Hampi" movie teaser poster was revealed by Sonalee Kulkarni on a social media showing an Autorikshaw on the street of the city, now the first video teaser was released introducing the first charachter of the film i.e an Autorikshaw driver played by talented actor "Priyadarshan Jadhav" who in an south indian accent says "Paisa Hey Toa Tirupati Jao, Paisa Kamana Hey Toa Mumbai Jao aur Pair Hey Toa Hampi Aao". The teaser also reveals an mysterious traveller with a backpack and a tag on it "Zindagi Ka Suffer".

From the teaser we can make out little bit that it is something to do with a traveller and city, in the teaser we can see few beautiful picturesque location which is making us more and more curious about the film.

The film is written and directed by "Coffee Ani Barach Kahi" duo, writer "Aditi Moghe" and director "Prakash Kunte", film is been and Produced by Yogesh Nivrutti Bhalerao and Chaitanya Girish Akolkar under the banners of Swaroop Samartha Entertainment and Digital Detoxx.

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