Nadi Vahate Movie | Sandeep Sawant

Nadi Vahate Movie
There are some creative people who still believes that cinema is not only for entertaining people and bringing out all there emotions in form of expression such as smile, tears, anger etc.. but it is also to make them educate and aware of the real life situations around them.

"Nadi Vahate (नदी वाहते)" is one such movie which will be talking and educating on one important issue which is to keep our river alive, flowing and understand the real use of it. The film has been directed by "Shwaas" fame director "Sandeep Sawant", this is his second movie after span of 13 years. The movie is produced by Sandeep himself alongwith Neerja Patwardhan under the banner 'Sahaj Films'. The movie has been awarded at the prestigious Pune International Film Festival (PIFF) and Zee Gaurav Puraskar.

The cinematography of the film is done by Sanjay Memane. Editing by Niraj Vhoralia and art direction, dress design by Neerja Patwardhan.

The release date is not yet known but it will be releasing somewhere in September 2017.