Nivdung Star Cast | निवडुंग | 2016

"Nivdung (निवडुंग)" is an upcoming movie starring 'Coffee Ani Barach Kahi' fame actor "Bhushan Pradhan" and "Pinjra" fame actress "Sanskruti Balgude" and "Sara Shrawan" in main role, the film story is written by "Munnawar Bhagat" who is also the producer and director of film.

Nivdung Star Cast Credit

Movie : Nivdung | निवडुंग | 2016

Star Cast :
  • Bhushan Pradhan
  • Sanskruti Balgude
  • Sara Shrawan
  • Astad Kale
  • Prajakta Dighe
  • Shekhar Phadke

Stroy/Written by : Munnawar Bhagat

Screenplay : Mahendra Patil

Dialogues : Mahendra Patil

Cinematographer/DOP/Camera Man : AKN Sebastian

Producer : Munnawar Bhagat

Director : Munnawar Bhagat

Banner : Meena Shamim Films

Release Date :

Genre :