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"Yad Lagla" is first song released from 'Nagraj Manjule' movie 'Sairat (सैराट)', sung by 'Ajay Gogavale'. The song is picturised on lead pair of the film 'Akash Thosar' and 'Rinku Rajguruand' and is composed by Ajay-Atul.

Yad Lagla Song Credit

Song Title : Yad Lagla | याडं लागलं ग
Movie Title : Sairat | सैराट (2016)
Lyrics / Lyricist: Ajay-Atul
Singer : Ajay Gogavale
Music Director / Composer : Ajay-Atul
Director : Nagraj Popatrao Manjule

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Yad Lagla Lyrics

Yad Lagla Lyrics in Marathi

Yad Laglag Yad Laglag
Rangla Tujhyat Yad Laglag
Vaas Hyo Usaat Yee Kasturicha
Chakhalya Vaar Goad Lagl g
Chand Bhastoa Disach Mawlaya Laglag
Aas Lagli Mannat Kalvaya Laglag...

Yad Laglag Yad Laglag
Rangla Tujhyat Yad Laglag
Vaas Hyo Usaat Yee Kasturicha
Chakhalya Vaar Goad Lagl g

Sangavna Bolavna Maan Jhurtya Durun
Paltoya Taltya Valtya Maag Phirun
Sajlag Dhajlg Laag Kaajla Saarl
Yendhal hey Gondhala Laad Laad Gael Harun
Bhala Asa Urat Palvaya Laagl
Hey Oadh Lagli Manat Chalvaya Lagla
Yad Laglag Yad Laglag


Sulgana Ulgana Jaal Aatlya Aatlya
Dukhn hey Dukhng Eklach Sathila
Kajlila Ujal Pajlun hya Vaatila
Chandnila Avtan Dhadtuya Roj Ratrila
Zoap Lagna Sapan Jagvayla Lagla
Pakhru Kasa Abhal Panghraya Lagla


Lyrics Submitted by : Sumit Gadahire

Song Title Lyricist Singers
Sairat Jhala Ji Ajay-Atul / Nagraj Manjule Chinmayi Sripada, Ajay Gogavale
Yad Lagla Ajay-Atul Ajay Gogavale
Aattach Baya Ajay-Atul Shreya Ghoshal
Jhingat Ajay-Atul Ajay Gogavale, Atul Gogavale


  1. Hello,
    Please upload the Final Full track of this song..
    I’m (and probably all the Ajay-Atul fans, are) Eagerly waiting for this as well as Full Song Lyrics…
    for the first time, I’ve heard this song approximately 100 times continuously…
    this is one of the best songs I’ve ever heard…
    Hats-off to you Ajay-Atul and all the Team of SAIRAT.
    Thank you so much !!!

  2. @Sumit Gadahire Thanks for Submitting Lyrics

    1. Kavita S.
      I have really no words for this lyric. ‘Yad laglay’ is marvelous song, I really have heard this song so many times and damn sure that all the audience and fans are becoming mad with this amazing music by Ajay Atul. Hats off and feel proud of both of them.
      Thank you for lovely composition.


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