Pindadaan Star Cast

"Pindadaan (पिंडदान)" is a mystical love story, starring "Siddharth Chandekar" and "Manava Naik", this is first time these two actors are working together, the film is directed by debutante director 'Prashant Patil' under banner "Uday Pictures". The film release date is not yet announced.

Pindadaan Star Cast Credit

Movie : Pindadaan | पिंडदान (2016)

Star Cast :
  • Siddharth Chandekar
  • Manava Naik
  • Prasad Pandit
  • Sanjay Kulkarni
  • Madhav Abhyankar
  • Farida Dadi
  • Paula

Stroy/Written by : Avinash Ghodke

Screenplay : Avinash Ghodke

Dialogues : Avinash Ghodke

Cinematographer/DOP/Camera Man : Bunty Deshpande

Producer : Uday Pictures

Present by : Sarathi Entertainments

Director : Prashant Patil

Release Date :

Genre : Love Story, Drama