35 Percent Kathavar Pass Prathamesh Parab upcoming film

"35 % Kathavar Pass or 35 Percent Kathavar Pass" is a very unique and witty title and very important term used during school and college days any student can relate to this term. It is a title of "Prathamesh Parab" upcoming film, which is produced and directed by "Satish Motling", its story and screenplay is written by "Prashant Loke" and is presented by Sejal Shinde Films and 52 Friday Cinemas.

Looking at "Prathamesh Parab" previous film roles, his effortless dialogue delivery and quirky sense of humor we think the title "35 % Kathavar Pass or 35 Percent Kathavar Pass" perfectly suits him, we don't know what film is about but we think he can do justice to role. we are very excited to know what film will be about and eagerly waiting for film.