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Bioscope Marathi Movie

From last few years we have seen that Marathi cinema is changing, films are made on real life stories and Novels, but based on published poem will be first ever experiment in Marathi film industry with film "Bioscope" we will get to experience it, there are four published poem (three in Marathi and Urdu Sher) written by four poet, on which four director are making short film named "Mitraa", "Ek Hota Kau", "Dil E
Nadaan" and "Bail". whose music is composed by four different Music Director.

Marathi movie Bioscope is one full length movie with four different short film.
"Mitraa" one of the short film from movie "Bioscope" has won a "62nd National Award" in "Best Short Fiction Film" category, the film story is based on Vijay Tendulkar’s famous play Mitrachi Goshta. The part titled 'Mitraa' is influenced by Poet, Composer 'Sandeep Khare' poem "Udaasit Ya Konta Rang Aahe", who is also debuting in film others stars in film are Mrunmayee Deshpande and Veena Jamkar.
The film story is based on lesbian relationship (Same-sex), which is shoot in Black and White by acclaimed film director Ravi Jadhav, music for Mitraa is composed by 'Dr. Salil Kulkarni'.
The second short film for 'Bioscope' is directed by Gajendra Ahire, starring Neena Kulkarni, Suhas Palshikar and Pravin Tarde, film story is influenced by 'Mirza Galib' poem (Sher), "Dil-E-Nadaan Tujhe Hua Kya Hai". The film story revolves aroung two aged musician. Music for the film is composed by Narendra Bhide.
"Bail" the third short film for 'Bioscope' is based on poet Loknath Yashwant poem with the same name Bail, It is a story of widening gap between Bharat and India through a relationship between a farmer and his OX. film stars Mangesh Desai, Smita Tambe, Sagar Karande and Uday Sabnis in lead role and directed by Girish Mohite. who has previously directed film like Bharatiya. Music for the film is composed by Avinash-Vishwajeet
'Spruha Joshi' and 'Kushal Badrike' starring fourth short film "Ek Hota Kau" from movie 'Bioscope' is based on poet "Saumitra"(Kishor Kadam) poem with same name, which is directed by Viju Mane. He has directed different genre of films before but with this short film it will be his first attempt to direct a pure love stroy, the film story is about a dark and not so good looking guy with inferiority complex who fall in
love with beautiful fair girl. other actors in film are Vidyadhar Joshi, Sampada Joglekar and Angad Mhaskar. Music for the film is composed by Soham Pathak.

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