Bioscope Marathi Movie Trailer

Marathi cinema has never shied away from experimenting. Marathi Films has always delivered good and meaningful content and will always deliver, you will experience this by upcoming movie "Bioscope", where four acclaimed director Ravi Jadhav, Gajendra Ahire, Viju Mane and Girish Mohite has come together with four different short films "Mitraa", "Dil E Nadaan", "Ek Hota Kau" and "Bail" which are based on poetries of four different poets Sandeep Khare, Mirza Galib, Saumitra and Loknath Yashwant.

Bioscope a movie of four different story have six different trailer.

Bioscope Marathi Movie official Trailer

Bioscope Movie Official Trailer

Mitraa Movie Trailer

Ek Hota Kau Movie Trailer

Dil E Nadaan Movie Trailer

Bail Movie Trailer