Dream Mall

Dream Mall Film

"Dream Mall - Eka Ratreechee Goshta" Movie stars 'Neha Joshi' of 'Ka Re Durava' fame and 'Siddharth Jadhav' whom we will be seeing first time in a negative and creepy role, "Dream Mall" film raises the issue on women safety, film has been produced by Rekha Painter’s 'White Lion Pictures' and co-produce by Vijay Vaidya. 'Suraj Dattaram Mulekar' is the writer-director of the film.

The story of Dream Mall happens in a single night. A 22-year-old girl named Sai played by 'Neha Joshi' works in an office located in a mall. One night she can’t leave the office in time and who finds herself locked inside a mall. A psychopath security programmer played by 'Siddharth Jadhav'. who is obsessed with a woman he desperately wants. He traps her in 'Dream Mall' and harasses here. He is evil, He is scary and He is unpredictable. What happens that night? Whether she succeeds or fails? to know more watch in theater from 26th June.

In Dream Mall we will be also seeing Omkar Kulkarni, Kedar Vaidya, Purva Subhash and Rahul Kulkarni in supporting role. film lyrics is written by Dhanraj Sawant and music is composed by Sajan Patel and Amey Nare, were as Dhanraj Wagh is cinematographer of the film, Suraj Dattaram Mulekar and Sagar Kheur are Screenplay and Dialogues writers.

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