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"Sobat (सोबत)" movie stroy is written by Prem Kumar Sharma and directed by Milind K Ukey, starring Himanshu Visale and Monalisa Bagal in lead role. The film has been produced by Kashmira Visale and presented by Abhishek Jawkar and Gurunath Mithbavkar under the banner Kashmira Films and The Red Bulb Pictures.
Sobat Movie - सोबत
Movie :Sobat (2018) | सोबत

Star Cast :
  • Himanshu Visale as Karan
  • Monalisa Bagal as Gauri
  • Ruchira Jadhav
  • Girish Pardeshi
  • Smita Gondkar
  • Nagesh Bhosale
  • Pradeep Velankar
  • Vijay Gokhale
  • Manoj Takne
  • Abhilasha Patil
  • Ashwin Patil
  • Kaustubh Joshi
  • Aishwarya Kale

Story/ Written by: Prem Kumar Sharma

Screenplay: Prem Kumar Sharma

Dialogues: Prem Kumar Sharma

Additional Screenplay and Dialogues: Prakash Bhagwat

  • Kshitij Tarey
  • Deepali Sathe

Lyrics: Akshay Shinde

Music Director:
  • Swaroop Bhalwankar
  • Manoj Thakur
  • Kshitij Tarey
  • Ahsan Ahmed

Sound Design: Nageshwar Rao Chaudary

Re-Recording Mixer: Nageshwar Rao Chaudary

Cinematography (DOP): Aniket Khandagale

Editor: Rohan Deshpande

Executive Producer: Ravi Khaske

Co-Producer: Milind K Ukey

Production Design: Chandravadan More

Visual Promotion: The Red Bulb Digital (Honey Sethi)

Production Manager: Sanjay Bavaskar

Supervising Producer: Sanket Gawali

Marketing: The Red Bulb Media (Aayush Billore)

Post-Production: Vikrant Studios

DI Colourist: Abhishek Mehta

Publicity Design: Brijesh Kalyanji Dedhia

Producer: Kashmira Visale

Presented by:
  • Abhishek Jawkar
  • Gurunath Mithbavkar

  • Kashmira Films
  • The Red Bulb Pictures

Director: Milind K Ukey

Genre: Drama

Release Date: 25th May 2018

Synopsis: Karan and Gauri, a teenage couple decide to get married, however, on the day of marriage, Karan is arrested and presented in the court for being underage as per the marriage law in India. The judge asks Karan to apologize but he refuses. How he pleads the case, forms the crux.

Sobat Movie Trailer

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