Lagir Zala Ji Star Cast | Nitish Chavan | Shivani Baokar | लागीर झालं जी

"Lagir Zala Ji (लागीर झालं जी)" is 'Zee Marathi' new tv-serial starring debutant "Nitish Chavan" as Ajinkya Shinde and "Shivani Baokar" as Sheetal Pawar in lead role. The story of the serial is written by 'Tejpal Jayant Wagh' and is begin produced by actress turned producer "Shweta Shinde" and by serial director "Sanjay R Khambe" under the production house "Vajra Productions".

Lagir Zala Ji Cast and Crew Credit

TV Serial Title : Lagir Zala Ji | लागीर झालं जी

Star Cast :
  • Nitish Chavan as Soldier Ajinkya Shinde
  • Shivani Baokar as Sheetal Pawar
  • Rahul Magdum as Rahul
  • Nikhil Chavan as Vikram
  • Kiran Gaikwad as Bhaiyasaheb (Harshavardhan)
  • Amarnath Kharade as Jamya
  • Mahesh Jadhav as Talent
  • Nikhil Chavan as Vikram

Story Written by : Tejpal Jayant Wagh

Screenplay : Tejpal Jayant Wagh

Dialogues : Tejpal Jayant Wagh

Cinematography (DOP) : Ranjan Jha

Producer :
  • Shweta Shinde
  • Sanjay R Khambe

Production House : Vajra Productions

Director : Sanjay R Khambe

Tv-Channel : Zee Marathi

Starting Date : 01 May 2017

Serial Time : 07:00 Pm Monday to Saturday

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